Visit Yakima

downtown yakimaFor a short while Kana Winery was the only producing winery in the city of Yakima, after a few wineries shut down, moved, or stopped their own production. There are now nine wineries and it is rumored that there are two or three more in-the-works that will have a Yakima city zip-code. The success of Kana maybe has been contagious, causing this wonderful surge in winery growth! As a matter of fact, in its seven vintages of production, Kana Winery has done custom wine-production for eight different wineries, both here and abroad, most of them having award-winning wines and having proudly written “produced and bottled by Kana Winery” on their bottle’s back label!

So make a visit to Kana Winery to see part of the re-vitalization that has taken place in downtown Yakima. Please check out our tasting room in the historic Larson Building. For more about Yakima and surrounding areas, please check out:

Winery Association of Yakima Facebook

Yakima Chamber of Commerce